Vesak Celebration – Half Day retreat, Dana, Dhamma Talk, Meditation, Devotional Songs

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This event finished on 07 May 2017

The full moon day of May is the Vesak day in which we commemorate the Birth, the Enlightenment and Parinirvana of the Gautama Buddha.

On this day, we pay our gratitude to the Buddha and strengthen our commitment to practice the path shown by the Buddha towards enlightenment. Please plan to attend our Vesak ceremony to honor the Buddha through material offering (Amisa Pooja) as well as offering by practice (Patipatti Pooja).

9. 00 am – 3. 30 : Eight Precepts Program (Half-Day Retreat )

(Please sign up for Eight Precepts Program)

11. 00 am – 12. 30 : Buddha Puja, Dana, and Pot Luck Lunch

(Please sign up for a food item)

3. 30 pm – 5. 30 : Display of Vesak Lanterns & Presentation of Devotional Songs

Eight Precepts

1. Abstaining from killing or harming any living being
2. Abstaining from taking what is not properly given (i.e. stealing)
3. Abstaining from sexual and sensual indulgence
4. Abstaining from false speech
5. Abstaining from using intoxicants
6. Abstaining from taking solid meals after noon (moderation in eating)
7. Abstaining from entertainment, dancing, singing, use of beauty products & perfumes (modesty)
8. Abstaining from seating on high and luxurious chairs and beds (simplicity)

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