Visting Guidelines

IMG_2972The Pittsburgh Buddhist Center welcomes people of all religions and faiths. You are welcome to visit us whenever the monks are available at the center. Because their schedules occasionally require their presence elsewhere, please call 724-939-3911 before planning your visit.

Guidelines for Temple Etiquette

  • When entering the Center, please remove shoes and place them in the designated area.
  • Dress modestly by always covering from shoulders to knees (both male and
  • When greeting or leaving a monk, respectfully place your hands together on your
    chest and gently bow.
  • When greeting or leaving spiritual friends, place your hands together on your
  • Observe Noble Silence in the Meditation Hall.
  • When monks enter the Meditation Hall, please stand.
  • Do not show the soles of your feet to the Buddha, the monks or other respected
  • No food or drink except water in the Meditation Hall during practice.
  • No smoking on the premises.

If you have any questions about visiting The Pittsburgh Buddhist Center, please don’t hesitate to contact us.


Events happening this month

All the events are free and open to public, unless otherwise noted. Please check the Events schedule below for upcoming events.

Pittsburgh Buddhist center is a registered non profit organization. | 58 QSI Lane, Allison Park, PA 15101 | 724-939-3911