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This event finished on 05 September 2015

This 6 week course (meeting once a week) introduces the life of the Buddha and core Buddhist doctrines.  During 6 class sessions, students will explore major events in the Buddha’s life and Buddhist explanations of life, the world and human potential for freedom. The course will also examine Buddhist responses to current social issues. In addition to attending the weekly classes, students will complete select
readings and participate in on-line discussions using Classroom Salon, a social annotation and discussion platform. Participants must complete readings, ask questions (by highlighting text) and complete Q&A prior to the class meeting on Saturday at 4pm.

Topics to be discussed: 

Week 01 (7/19-7/25) - The Buddha and His Dhamma
Week 02 (7/26-8/1) - The Five Aggregates
Week 03 (8/2-8/8) - The Four Noble Truths
Week 04 (8/16-8/22) - Dependent Origination 
Week 05 (8/23-8/29) - The Doctrine of Kamma
Week 06 (8/30-9/5) - Buddhism and Peace in Society

No class on Saturday August 15th  

Classes will be taught by the resident monks of the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center, who all have advanced degrees in Buddhist studies.

Time and Venue:
Six Saturdays from 4:00 pm to 5: 00 pm at Pittsburgh Buddhist Center July 25, Aug 1, Aug 8, Aug 22, Aug 29, Sep 5  (No classes on Aug 15) 

Participants who attend all 6 classes will receive a Certificate of Achievement from the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center.  Partial enrollment is also an option. You can also join the classes through online by watching our livestream webcast in our web page.
However, certificates will be awarded only for those physically attend all 6 classes. 

There is no entrance fee, but donations are appreciated to help the center and monks.

Method 1: Register by Email

Please email with the subject line “Buddhism course”

we will register you and send you further instructions on how to proceed.

Method 2 : Self Register

Step 1 (create an account)

Open a web browser (Chrome or Firefox) click on and create a classroom salon account using the code: popcity

Name: Enter your full name

Email: Enter the email you’d like to receive emails about the course

Password: Choose any password containing any characters (this can be changed any time)

Note: Classroom Salon automatically enroll you in an introductory salon. You can “leave” that salon.


Step 2: (Join the Course)

Click on this link and  click JOIN to enroll in the course salon

Introductory Video: Watch this introductory video about how to use Classroom Salon annotation tools to participate in the course.

Technical Requirements: The course material can only be accessed using a Chrome or Firefox/Safari Browsers. If you do not have these browsers click on download chrome or download firefox to install one of the browsers.

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    1. Thank you for asking Gerry. Currently it’s planned for mid August. We will update the website as soon as the dates are set.

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