2023 PBC Vassana Dhamma Dana

Date: October 8, 2023

2023 PBC Vassana Dhamma Dana

You can sponsor this event as a Dhamma dana in memory of your departed family members or in honor of your birthday or any other special occasion. You have a choice either to join the event via zoom or in person by coming to the temple on that day. You can also invite your friends and family members to join this sermon and discussion via zoom. You may offer a pirikara/ dharma puja to the monk delivering the main sermon. If you wish to sponsor this event please sign up for this Dhamma dana using the following link. Please note only five Saturdays are available during the Vassana season. Once you signed up, please call the temple @ 724 939 3911 for more details of this event.

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Registering for Name
Registering for Name
July 15th Dhamma Dana #1:
G & D Samaranayake
July 29th Dhamma Dana #1:
Kumudini Ranatunga
Aug 19th Dhamma Dana #1:
M Karunaratne
Aug 26th Dhamma Dana #1:
Manjula Nandasiri
Sept 09th Dhamma Dana #1:
Kavimal Wijewardana
Sept 23rd Dhamma Dana #1:
Eranda Perera

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