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Pittsburgh Buddhist Center (PBC) was established on Sept. 6, 2006 to serve the needs of Buddhists and friends of Buddhism in the greater Pittsburgh region. It offers teachings of the Buddha based on the Theravada tradition of Buddhism.
PBC conducts meditation sessions, religious discussions, Buddhism  classes for children, and a monthly program that includes a Dhamma talk by a Buddhist monk at PBC. We welcomes your participation in its activities, as well as your private visits to the temple. The temple is open to people of all religions. All events, unless otherwise noted, are free to the public. Children are welcome.  

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PBC is a non profit organization. We count on your donations to operate the center. Thank you.

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Dhamma Blog

25 Jul. 2014
Forgiveness – Nelson Mandela

Once the Buddha asked monks: “Suppose that a man were to come along carrying… [Read More…]

24 Jul. 2014
Addiction and Meditation

“By effort and heedfulness, discipline and self-mastery, the wise one makes for himself an island… [Read More…]

9 Mar. 2014
Get up!, sit up! and get into the training.

“Get up! Sit up! Train firmly for the sake of peace, Don’t let the… [Read More…]

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Weekly Meditation Sessions

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Remote Meditation Sessions
Please visit https://new.livestream.com/accounts/10695460 for remote meditation participation and to view past events.


PBC is a non profit organization. We count on your donations to operate the center. Thank you.

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Pittsburgh Buddhist center is a registered non profit organization. | 111, Route 908, Natrona Heights, PA 15065