Ryan Ho asked 3 years ago

My pet betta fish is sick with a disease that rots away the fins and I am loosing hope in physical medicine. I was hoping you could show me a practice of some sort that can heal my betta fish. I am a practicing buddhist myself and have some knowledge about certain sutras and mantras. I\’m looking forward to your reply. Thank you

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Bhante Pemaratana Staff answered 3 years ago

Dear Ryan

I am sorry to hear that your fish is not feeling well. Yes, there is a healing chant we can do to radiate our lovingkindness to your fish. The particular sutta we chant for healing is Bojjhanga Paritta. Following is a link for this chanting. You can play this near your wish. You can also sit near your fish when this chanting is going on and continue to direct your lovingkindness towards the fish.

I wish your fish healing, strength and good health.

with Metta

Bhante Pemaratana

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