Workshop on - Come to Your Senses: The Physiology of Meditation

Date: March 24, 2018

From 10.00 a.m to 1.00 p.m.

The senses feed your body, mind, and spirit.  In Come to Your Senses you will nurture, enliven, and balance your sensory pathways as a support for meditation. You will learn the basic anatomy and physiology of your major senses (touch,  proprioception  , taste, smell, hearing, and vision), and develop awareness of your habitual responses to sensory stimuli—including patterns of attachment, aversion, attunement, and ignorance. Paying careful attention to sensory stimuli brings us to the present moment and opens possibilities within the Great Cycle of Being: the understanding that while sensory stimuli occur outside our bodies, the way we interpret those stimuli is unique to each of us. In the act of interpretation, we create the world around us. The workshop will conclude with a meditation led by one of the resident monks of the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center. All are welcome: please reserve your place.
Suggested donation to the Center: $30

This workshop is offered by Mark Taylor who has attended Wednesday meditation at the Pittsburgh Buddhist Center for many years. He directs the Center for BodyMindMovement, which provides certification programs in Somatic Movement Education, located in Pittsburgh PA

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