Would it be alright for a catholic to try out Buddhism?

I have been a catholic since I was born, but I recently have turned away from my faith. I know very little about Buddhism but from what I have read it seems to have sparked an interest. I have always felt a strong connection toward quotes I have read, and want to learn to meditate. I am trying to find a way to get to know myself better and be a better person. But being a new comer there frightens me because I would not even know what to do. I don't want to be looked as a newcomer but a beginner. Thank you. 

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Dear Friend Practicing meditation, following precepts and extending loving kindness are good practices for anyone irrespective of one's faith. You are most welcome to learn meditation with us on Wednesday evenings and meditation workshops conducted from time to time. We have very friendly and kind people who will help you to learn what to do. If you can come little early before the meditation session, monks will guide you what to do. Then other practitioner will be with you guiding in each step. There are no intricate things to do here. We bow, we chant, we meditate and we discuss. wish you growth in your spiritual practice with Loving Kindness

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