Why should I not compare myself with others?

Dear Bhante, I feel like I failed myself... Im not good at meditation. In school, I did not study a cool subject. Now, im a mother who could not exclusively breast feed and my son is not up high in the growth charts like some of my friends' kids. My problem is that I compare myself to others... And at times i dont compare, somebody compares around me, so i get easily pulled back to my samsara. I want you to give me good buddhist logic why i should not compare and contrast. With metta, fati

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Dear Fati Comparing oneself with others is a tendency we all have until we attained enlightenment. It can be helpful in certain cases, but in most cases it is unhealthy. Every individual is unique. We are shaped by conditions we are exposed to and the way we relate to those conditions. Each person is exposed to different conditions and each person relates to those conditions differently. In this process, we develop strengths as well as weaknesses. As such each person is a unique case just like a snowflake. No one can be compared to another. What we should do is fuly accept who we are and be compassionate to ourselves. Then we develop energy to move ahead in our spiritual path. We should srive not to compete with others but to gradually push ourselves beyond where we are rightnow. For such a practice, we do not have a battle with others. When we give up competion and focus on our own learning and progress, we feel so much freedom and upliftment. with metta Bhante Pemaratana
2012-06-19 18:38:02

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