How to start a meditation program

Dear Bhante, How do I start a meditation program. I have a very busy life but would like to find a way to practice meditation regularly.

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I appreciate your interest in starting a meditation practice. We can always start a simple practice. You need to find a few minutes in the morning or evening within your routines of the day. This could be even 3 minutes. I do not think that gving 3 minutes of your day for meditation is a problem for anybody. The important thing is to have fixed allocated few minutes for this practice. It could be just before you have your coffee or leave home for work. Or just before you switch on TV after your return from work. During that three minutes, you can sit down properly keeping your upper body upright. Then bring your awareness to your body. Just observe how the body is felt for a few seconds. Then you may keep your awareness on the breath for 10 consecutive breaths. Let the body to breath, you may stay with the breath and count the breath only at the end of the out breath. At the end of the 10th breath, you may make a wish of loving kindness to yourself and all living beings. If it is in the morning, you can wish, "May today be a great day for me and all others." You can wish, "May I be well, safe and peaceful, May all beings be well, safe and peaceful"  if it is in the evening. You may find other time slot to do it depending on your work schedules or routines. One possible time is when you park your car. Do not be hurry to get out of the car unless it is necessary. Spend three minutes in the car and do the above practice. This is a great way to start. Please come to our weekly Wednesday meditation at least once in a while. You will get more training then. Wish you all the best in your endeavors and spiritual path. 

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