How to go to Nirvana

How do I do this Bhante with the least effort?

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Thank you for this question. Nirvana (or Nibbana) is not a place to go. It is a complete transformation of self-centered ordinary personality. The way to make this happen is called Noble Eightfold Path. In simple terms, we need to start with a recognition of how suffering arises in our mind with a view to inner causes of it. Once we recognize these internal causes, we will set intentions of letting go of selfish desires and compassion for others. This will lead us to behave morally (not creating suffering for ourselves and others). Moral behavior provides foundation for mindfulness and deeper meditation. Once our mind is capable of reaching higher levels of tranquility, it is sharp enough to have deeper insights into our own existence. Those deeper insights will completely transform our minds from a falsely constructed notions of self and self-centered defilements. Once we start the path (noble eightfold path), we start to reduce our suffering. We can enjoy the benefits of peace and joy while we are still on the path. The progress of this practice does not happen the way we want. Our too much wanting is an obstacle for natural progress. We need to let go of the sense of control. We just practice. Things will change. We only can water the plants. We cannot demand them to have flowers. Flowers will come naturally. We just keep watering and taking care of them. Ultimately, there is no I or We, in strict sense, who achieve this progress. The Buddha has already laid out the easiest way to transform our personality. Just follow it.     

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