Do you consider homosexuality a sin, or do you except it?

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In Buddhist teaching, there is no concept of sin as it is understood in the West. However, there is a clear distinction between wholesome atcs and unwholesome acts.Wholesome acts are also called skillful (kusala) while unwholesome acts called unskillful (akusala). Whatever action which increases our greed, hatred and delusion is unwholesome since it does not lead to true inner happiness and spiritual development. Whatever action which reduces greed, hatred and delusion is wholesome since it is conducive to inner happiness, spiritual development and happiness of many others. Buddhism does not have specific attitude towards homosexuality. Buddhism simply regards it as one form of expression of sexual desire. What Buddhism guides us is to overcome and transcend the sexual desire altogether irrespective of its orientation. Of course, this is a transcendence we should achieve gradually. Buddhism teaches limitations of sexual desire. Sexual desire cannot give us complete happiness and moreover, it easily leads us to self centered attachment which eventually produce suffering. Buddhism teaches us to live without being slaves to sexual or sendsual desires. Third precept of the Buddhist Five Precepts is to refrain from sexual misconduct. Here sexual misconduct means to engage in sexual relationship without love and a long term commitment. What is unwholesome here is not homo or hetero orientation, but the exploitation of the other party.This is a step towards transcending slavery to sexual desires. Once we establish ourselves in a committed relationship, then it is easy for us to practice and to eventually be free from being slaves to sexual desire. Bhante Pemaratana
2012-06-19 18:09:24

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