Dear Bhante. How we realize dependent origination through the meditation?

Anonymous asked May 20, 2015
Dear Bhante. How we realize dependent origination through the meditation? Thank you very much. Budu saranai Santi Ayzenberg

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Dear Santi,
Vipassana or insight meditation aims to realize the process of Dependent Origination. It is through deeper realization of Dependent Origination one can get rid of views of permanence, attachments to wrong notion of happiness and the belief of a permanent "I". Instead of looking at oneself as a permanent entity, one is invited to see oneself as a dependently arisen process. There is a constant arising of an experience due to a number of factors like snap shots of a movie. Our ignorance project the concept of I to this process. How to see this in meditation practice? That is your question. Once we develop a higher level of Samadhi, we can direct our attention to the process of our own experience. It could be an external sound, a sensation or a thought. We closely examine the process of this sensory experience in an impersonal way. At least at the beginning, we will see how contact give rise to feelings/sensations, sensations to craving (or rejection), craving to grasping, and how grasping can give rise to an experience of existence of phenomena. Such regular internal examinations will later reveal what conditions give rise to contact. Dependent Origination is within us. In each experience this process happens. Only through a very stilled mind, we can watch it. I hope that this is helpful. with metta Bhante Pemaratana

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