How to deal with cancer treatments and other difficulties?

Hello. My name is Jim and I was wondering if I may visit your temple. I have been doing through treatments with cancer and with a very nasty divorce.All has taken a toll on me and I find myself being angry and miserable all the time.Conventional religions has not done any good...they preach but I seem to not find any solutions. I am a complete novice to Buddhism but I would like to visit and learn and just find peace with myself. Can you help me? Jim

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Dear Jim, There are ways and techniques to deal with pain and anger. When you learn meditation, you can come to know about this. External situation affect our lives. However, they cannot determine the level of anger, frustration or suffering we experience. There is always a contribution from our own mind to those situation which tranform them to suffering events. You can visit our center to discuss with monks. Please make a call and make an appointment. Tel no is 724 295 2525. We also encourage you to come and take part in our Wednesday meditation. With metta Bhante Pemaratana
2011-07-20 20:54:15

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