Where can I train to be a novice monk?

Hello Bhante Pemaratana. I am in New York and have been going regularly to a Thai Buddhist Temple. I have undergone a major refocus of my life because of Theravada Buddhism and would like to become a samanera or novice monk. The particular place of worship does not offer certificates and therefore, it seems to me that they do not offer this practice any more. Is this type of training possible to undergo at the PBC? Is it even offered? If not, could you recommend a location in the United State that offers this type of traning? I am committed to this. Sincerely, Phillip

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Dear Phillip, I commend your interest and commitment to study and practice Buddhist teaching. PBC is still new and does not have physical and human resources for such a training. The best place that you can have a monastic experience is Bhavana Society, West Virgina. You can stay there as a long term resident and experience a monastic life. If you are thinking of being a novice for a limited period, you should know that Sri Lankan Theravada tradition does not have a practice of temporary monkhood.   Bhante Pemaratana 2011-01-05 21:01:05

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