Can I receive precepts to practice as a Buddhist?

Ven. Bhante. I live in Cleveland. I am interesting to study Theravada Buddhism, and receive precepts be come a Buddhist. I am willing to travel to your center one time per month. Can you please? Except me like a student and guide on the Buddha path? Thanks. My all be happy and peace. Steve Ayzenberg

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Dear Steve,  We conduct precept-taking ceremony once a year. I will invite you for this year ceremony which will be in October. However, before you receive precepts, I encourage you to do some study on Buddhist teachings. You are most welcome to participate in our programs.Once a month, we have a monthly program which includes a lecture on Buddhist teachings. You can also arrange a time to come to our center to discuss and learn from resident monks here. Please feel free to call us. You are warmly welcome to learn and practice the teaching of the Buddha.    Bhante Pemaratana 2010-05-07 20:13:04

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