How to attend Wednesday meditation sessions ?

Hello. I was interested in attending the meditation on Wednesday evenings. I have never attended this before and was not sure if I should meet with someone before hand or if there is anything I should bring with me. Thank you. Namaste. Cortny

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You are most welcome to attend our regular Wednesday meditation sessions. It is open to public. If you are a beginner for meditation, we encourage you to come half an hour before meditation session and receive private instructions from monks. If you like to have some explanations and detailed instructions, you can call us at 724 295 2525 and make an appointment for a meeting. When you come for Wednesday meditation, you can bring a cushion if you have one. But we also have many cushions. At the end of meditation, we have  tea. You can bring some snacks to share with others.   Bhante Pemaratana
2011-06-17 07:52:53  

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