What to do with an aggressive dog?

I have a dog who has become aggressive and has biten and tried to bite people in the past week, and I have decided to have the dog taken away. I am sure that if they can't find a place for this animal quickly it will be put down. I feel really bad about this, I care a great deal for this dog and he has been a friend to me. By the laws of today I can't keep an aggressive animal, but I feel that I will suffer greatly in this life or the next for being responsible for the death of my friend. This really depresses me and I don't know what to do about it. Any insight you may have would be greatly appreciated. Thank you. Dan R. Greensburg, PA

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Dear Dan, We appreciate your concern over your dog. We might have examined what made this dog aggressive. Since your dog has already taken away, we will focus on what we can do now. You can transform your repentance on your dog to a wider love for all living beings. As a tribute to your dog, you may develop loving kindness to all living beings. Whenever you see any animal,feel love in your heart, show your care if it is possible.This will be a great opportunity for you to be committed to a life of loving kindness. You can conduct your daily routines, your speeches, your actions in a way that do not harm or disturb any other living being. Our present Kamma can influence and shape our old Kamma.With Metta     Bhante Pemaratana 2009-11-28 18:19:46  

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