What is the activity taking place in the series of photos…

What is the activity taking place in the series of photos in which what appears to be a bit of white string is tied around the wrists of some? Michael O'Hare
asked 2007-01-21 21:04:40

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During pirith chanting(a way of spreading the kindness), attendees hold a long string together. Monks wish for happiness and good health during this chanting of the discourses of buddha. The string (and water placed in front of monks) are considered blessed after the chanting ceremony. Monks will tie a piece of the string around the right wrist as a way of giving blessings to people. This is a cord of rememberance and protection from all evil forces. This cord signifies the protection that was achieved as a group participating in a chanting ceremony blessed by buddha and sangha. String is also a symbol of friendship, love and happiness. A new string can be obtained after each pirith chanting. Bhante Ariyagnana
2007-01-22 07:07:43

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