2018 Sri Lankan New Year Celebration

Event Details

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We move into a new cycle of the sun, when the sun (earth) moves
from the Zodiac of Pisces to the Zodiac of Aries in its journey across
the twelve segments of the sky. It marks the arrival of spring and Sri
Lankan New Year. This is a time to rejuvenate ourselves and
strengthen our relationships with one another. We do this by asking
forgiveness from each other and sharing food and loving kindness.
Pittsburgh Buddhist Center invites all of you to join in this traditional celebration.

Program Schedule
  • 11: 00: Offerings to the Buddha
  • 11: 30: Lighting of the Traditional oil lamp and Dana for Monks
  • 12: 00: Lunch with Traditional Sri Lankan food
  • 01: 30: Blessing Service for New Year
  • 02: 00: Asking Forgiveness from each other by exchanging betel leaves
  • 02: 30: Anointing Sanctified oil blessed by the monks for good health
  • 03: 00: Traditional Games for Children
  • 04: 00: End

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