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Why should I not compare myself with others?
Do you consider homosexuality a sin ?
What do the colors of the robes that you wear represent?
Do you welcome new comers?
How to deal with cancer treatments and other difficulties?
How to attend Wednesday meditation sessions ?
What can I do to begin my spiritual journey?
Is it alright to join your meditation sessions with little knowledge on Buddhism
Where can I train to be a novice monk?
Is Buddhism scientific?
Can I receive precepts to practice as a Buddhist?
Will I be accepted to the center and/ or community without being judgmental about my own behavior?
What to do with an aggressive dog?
What do we do when evil do not want to avoid us ??? with metta.
Is the Sunday Dhamma School and Sinhala Class appropriate for newcomers to Buddism and/or children?
Would Vipassana meditation be congruent with the types of meditation you do?
What is the best way to bring back a love of life and happiness while dealing with illness?
What are the dates and times of Monthly Programs at PBC?
How can I set up a way to learn Buddhism and meditation one to one with a teacher at PBC?
Is there any protocol to visit Buddhist Center?
Difference Between Theravada and Tibetan Buddhism?
What lay people wear over thier shoulder during Uposatha Observances?
How does the practice of Zen differ from Theravada practice?
If Buddhism does not believe in a personal savior then who is Amida and what is meant by his saving power?
Is it possible for almost anyone to practice meditation?
Can you practice Buddhism while also practicing another religion or faith as well?
What is proper way to treat reliquary?
I have been studying basic Buddhist teachings for about a year now. However, I have trouble traveling to your center. What would you recommend?
How can I deal with stress and worry?
why are some born as animals and some as human. how does the karma play a role there
Can a person come to the Center with no prior training in Buddhism?
How to Overcome Anger and ?
Is there a Thai Buddhist temple in Pittsburgh?
Does good karma bring one closer to Nibbana?
Do Buddhist Monks perform wedding ceremonies?
How to Become a Buddhist?
How to advance the training of my mind?
What is your opinion about the intersection between Buddhism on the one hand, and modern Nationalism on the other?
Is daily meditation offered at the PBC?
Does Buddhism suggest ego is bad?
How to Meditate Daily?
Can I practice a Buddhist life without accepting the beings outside of the physical realm?
Are there any female Buddhas?
How unkind persons can act as our teachers?
What are the books which explain Buddhism in detail?
Is it alright for small children and infants to attend ?
I have a hard time understanding why we are born into a world of suffering?
Would a tattoo of a Buddha smoking a hookah be considered sac religious?
How does the mind go from one body to another? Is rebirth really exist how come most of us can't recall anything in our past life?
Is it okay to follow Christianity and Buddhism together?
What are your views of Mahayana and Vajrayana(Tibetan) Buddhism?
I have a great desire to call myself a Buddhist. How should I deal with my family and what I believe?
How do you become buddhist?
What do monks eat? Do they eat milk and cheese?
where did first life originated from?
What is the proper way to address a Monk?
Is it okay for a buddhist to eat meat?
greatly in need of finding a teacher or group of Practicioners
Is it okay that a Buddhist except Jesus as a great teacher alone side the Buddha?
What do you suggest for someone who would like to leave their possessions to possibly become a monk?
I have been searching for a religion that gives me happiness and peace. What do you think I should do?
Wish to understand:precept 7 and 8 and 9 precepts better?
If buddist do not believe in God who are you praying to?
Are Sinhala language lessons available to adults?
At what point in time, can I describe myself as a Buddist....
I do not understand Singhala. Are the worship services available in English?
I know that Buddha spoke of the metaphysical existence, did he know it as truly being there?
Can I be Buddhist and still believe in God?
Do Buddhists believe in spiritual beings such as angels and demons?
What is the dress code to visit PBS on Wednesdays?
Communicating with the different realms of existence.
How can I keep my faith strong if I don't have Sangha to talk to?
what are the Buddhist holidays and how do I celebrate them?
Can I practice Buddhism at home?
How does one start practicing buddhism?
What is the meaning of the word sotapanna?
What is Samsara?
Can a person who has become Buddha still interact with those in the physical world once they have reached nirvana?
at point of death, there's no rebirth taking place
I find it impossible to accept life after death and reincarnation. How might such a fundamental predisposition otherwise affect my ability to learn?
How does Buddhism view Euthanasia?
What is meant by walking meditation?
How should I prepare for Meditation?
Visiting PBC
Does the Bhudha speak of the purpose of samsara?
My sister is a recently recovering alcoholic and narcotic addict
If nirvana is real, how can one get there other than with our minds
Do buddhists believe that buddha was a God?
How can an animal escape from its lower form
What "thing" travels from one life to another?
What is Bhava?
What is the activity taking place in the series of photos in which what appears to be a bit of white string is tied around the wrists of some?
What is Nirvana?

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